Sunday, 24 July 2011

Want to be the best? 96 tips

   1. BELIEVE - Obey the orders of Allah and His ban leaves
2. MENTAL HEALTH - Being in a state of peace, perfect, mind, emotions and behavior
3. PHYSICAL HEALTH - Healthy, fresh and recover from illness
4. DISCIPLINE - compliant and adhere to the rules and regulations
5. KNOWLEDGE - People who learned to distinguish the good and the bad
6. WISELY - Have a good character, high, noble, honest, courteous and respectful
7. Fear - the high nature of obedience to Allah SWT
8. Multiple SKILLS - booster diversity competence, knowledge or skills
9. Thinking - Ability to use common sense, thought and memory
10. Have integrity, honesty and integrity. In general, superior quality
11. Initiative - Have the initiative and started to move the action
12. INNOVATIVE - Ability to introduce a thing or idea,
13. SHARING - Ability to collaborate or partner to implement the task
14. WAG - Do not stingy and aid in good faith
15. Caring - Be compassionate
16. LOVE EVERYBODY - show compassion as love yourself
17. CREATIVE - Have the ability to create, produce and develop ideas
18. LEADERSHIP QUALITY - Have ability to leaders
19. FOCUS - Strive
20. FIRM - Acting with clear, bright and clear
21.TALKATIVE - A person capable of speech and smooth
22. Assertive-Dismissing a manner that should not be prudently
23. DO NOT MAKE relented - not easy discouragement
24. HIGH RESILIENCE - Got a religious character, a special, high values ​​of tradition, language and culture
25. Empathy - Have the ability to explore feelings and emotions of others
26. Mild - Be easy to apologize to other people
27. Clement - Refrain or quiet with all hardships
QUICK thought - not easy to say things without evaluating
29. DIGNITY - Being in the situation is not agitated
30. INDEPENDENCE - Working without the help of others as long as able
31. Pleased OTHERS - Ability to raise happy and excited to others
32. Pleased OURSELVES - Redha, pasrah and comfortable in what nature
33. Not ashamed ASK - Not shy and do not feel inferior to learn science
34. Hard - Do something with diligence and sincerity
35. STRIVE - goes hand to achieve
36. THANKFUL - Thanks to God for whatever His grace
37. EASY SMILES - Showcasing feel happy or calm can be good news to others
38. Sports - Do activities that require alertness and energy for the healthy
39. CAN ahead - Have greater confidence
40. BE ADJUSTING - Ability to adapt to the people
41. Recreation - Doing leisure activities for its own sake
42. REAL TALK - Saying the right thing without cheating
43. DO NOT BE A thorn in the flesh - not malicious in any group
44. NO LABELING - Taking other people who have ill-intentions or accused
45. JUST HAPPENED - Fairness in evaluating or considering an appropriate
46. LIKE TO READ - Collecting the knowledge obtained from books or articles
47. CONCEPT practice "WIN-WIN" - Allows both sides to profit equally
48. VOICE TO THE PUBLIC - Can accept many
49. SINCERE - Take noble in performing their duties without hope reply
50. SMART - Efficient, smart and intelligent
51. Intelligent - many resourceful and crafty
52. Not to despair - Trying to keep to the success of the incessant
53. SPIRITED - Spirit that animate the soul has a hard
54. GOAL-ORIENTATION - Have a target of the mission and vision
55. Ambitious - Got hope or desire
56. RESOLVED-powerful ambitions with a strong sense of
57. Moderate - Acting with unusual or excessive, more
58. READY TO HELP - Preparing yourself to do something good
59. Friendly - Easy-friendly
60. SAVING - Prudential in shopping
61. NOT stingy - Not feeling too love-owned property
62. SPEAKE NICELY - Removing the polite words
63. Style - Good attitude
64. CAN-Portable consulted to discuss
65. ABILITY TO LISTEN - Have the advantages of voice caught the ear
66. LIGHT BONE - Hardworking directed effort and not wait
67. NO MORE TALKING - Speaking to only
68. WORKING - Always do it all
69. ASK FOR OPINION - Ask the results or ideas of others
70. SHARING PROBLEMS - Working together solve a
71. GIVE IDEA - Write or produce something
72. Not extravagant - remember, thrifty and not wasteful
73. COMPLIANCE prayer - prayer Doing without delay
74. Be polite - Contributing a sincere
75. Apply SUPPLICATING- creators that wish to God
76. Polite rebuke - Provide advice to the prudent
77. Language - Have the order of spoken words with words that favored
78. AVAILABLE criticized - Keeping an open mind and ready to be advised
79. NOT stolen BONE - No treacherous belief in doing the trust
80. TRUST - Reliable and honest
81. HONEST - Straight heart, sincere and honest
82. Reactive - response shows by his actions, views or directions
83. RIGHT TIME - To act within the prescribed
84. FIRST START - Performing a task without waiting for instructions
85. Proactive - Be positive
Accept fate- Always ready with a sincere
87. BE SELF-CONTROL - Refrain from the temptation, anger, resentment and hatred
88. BERPERIBADI NOBLE - pleasant and considerate
89. REALISTIC - Do not pretend
90. NOT ripple - Do something for the benefit of others with a sense of a very high
91. VISITING Discussion - visit friends, whether sick or not
92. Remember DEAD - Mengisafi themselves and worship to feel tomorrow is no longer available (after good)
93. Thought justification WITH NEIGHBOUR - Positive and negative there is no suspicion
94. BE A HUSBAND / WIFE / MOTHER / FATHER OF THE CHILD IS GOOD - Idaman. Be individuals who dream
95. BE A ROLE MODEL - Make yourself a good example to others, whether old or young
96. LOVE FAMILY - Have love and the love of family

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