Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Table rewards tarawih prayers for 30 days

Friends, I find information about Ramadan and what practices recommended in the holy month which begins a few days. Here, shown Dream practice Tarawih prayers. Prayer is a prayer that can only be executed only on the nights of Ramadan only worked in the congregation or alone. The purpose of prayer is a prayer tarawih way of relaxing is one way to enliven the nights of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. These prayers performed after the 'Isha prayer and strongly demanded by Islam (EXCELLENT Muakad) because there are advantages and priorities. Tarawih prayer priorities have been communicated by the Prophet, our beloved prophet that the priorities are as follows;

Night 1
A believer regardless of his sins, clean as the day it was born by his mother

Night:She and her parents (if both are believers) are forgiven all sins

Night 3
It's one of the angel invites the Throne said, "Start work because God has forgiven your sins of the past"
4th Night

His reward as a reward to read the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms and the Quran

God reward her as the reward of the prayer in the Haram Mosque Medina (Masjid Nabawi) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Night 6
God reward her as reward those who perform Tawaf Ma'mur Baitil fees and ask for forgiveness about it all the rocks and hard clays

Night 7
As if he had met the Prophet Musa. and to help fight the Pharaoh and Haman

Night 8
He gave it as such given to Abraham, U.S

Night 9
As if he do worship the Prophet Muhammad

Night 10
Allah provides sustenance to the good life and the hereafter

Night 11
He will be out of the world (reality) as he was born from the womb of his mother

Night 12
He came on the Day of Judgement with a beautiful face like the full moon full moon

Night 13
On the Day of Judgement he is safe from all risks

Night 14
The angel came to testify that he truly has the Tarawih prayers and God will not menghisapkannya on the Day of Judgement

Night 15
The Angel and the carriers of the Throne and the Chair 'crave for it extra good

Night 16
He recorded his free and safe from fire and are free to enter heaven

Night 17
He was rewarded by the reward of Prophets

Night 18
Salam invited an Angel, 'O servants of Allah! Allah has pleased you and to your parents. "

Night 19
He lifted it in Paradise

Night 20
He was given a reward by reward martyrs and solihin

Night 21
He developed a city for him in heaven

Night 22
On the Day of Judgement he comes in peace from all kinds of difficult and sad feeling

Night 23
He developed a city for him in heaven

Night 24
24 prayers that he would pray for him by God

Night 25
Allah remove the tomb of doom

Night 26
Allah increase his reward for 40 years

Night 27
On the Day of Judgement he visited (the) department of Al-Shirath young fast like lightning strikes

Night 28
He raised his 1000 degree in Paradise

Night 29
God gives the reward of hajj mabrur 1000

Night 30
Allah Almighty says, "Eat the fruits of heaven, mandilah with water and drink from the well Salsabil Khauthar, I is the Lord and you are my servant. (Excerpt from the Book Majaalis).

Yet to be resolved before the obligatory prayers and worship of other mandatory, because these prayers are prayers. In addition, do it and have preferred that desire to draw closer to God the Creator and Forgiveness in pursuit of a reward than taste alone. Whatever good deeds sincere, Insha'Allah get rewarded and get peace in the world and the hereafter.

Done, good luck.

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