Saturday, 16 July 2011


Planet earth has a suitable temperature and atmosphere to support human, animal and plant life. Their survival is determined by the anvironment and natural resources found on earth.

The surface of the earth is ideal to build homes, buildings, industries, roads, rail, parks and playgrounds. Limestone, clay, sand, rock and other substances are found on the earth's surface. Land is mined to obtain minerals.

Mother earth taht sustains all forms of life is being damaged and destroyed by human being. Open burning of waste matter damageds plant and effects soil-fertility. Illegal dumping of waste and toxic material is an eyesore, spreads diseases and pollutes the land and waterways. Plastic material dumped on earth do not rot even after thousands of years, thus  damaging soil-fertility.

The earth is our home. We inherited it form our forefathers. We should preserve it for a better tomorrow.

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