Friday, 29 July 2011

Ramadhan Time Table, It Easy To Follow..

(klick on the image above to more clearly or to print)

Assalamualaikum ... all friends. Have you made preparations to face this blessed month of Ramadan? What! .. Not yet. Hmmm ... Posted determination that can be friends. If we can grab the opportunity to worship as much as possible. worry if the month of Ramadan is probably the last we met.

Rewards are very many times over. Maybe we can 'jump' reward our worship more quickly and more in this month. Therefore, the table we can fill in the month of Ramadan that we will face a few days.

Sisters, brothers, all the mother and fathers, can upload the table, print out and tack it to the wall. And .. remember having done so, tick the box blank. Insha'Allah, with this schedule, we are not left out deeds that we want to do. Done, Good Charity Fast and Secure.

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