Sunday, 24 July 2011

Be Nourished

These practices will be because God had blessed His servants with an area rich in food and taste of His grace. Based on the concept of what was said, God give way for each of His servants to get things in various forms which can be a good source of both worlds. Among them:

1. He forced himself to worship God does not waste his servant ready mind. 

2. Extend forgiveness Sadness and forgiveness is confession in front of a servant of God, was the cause of God's love and mercy fall on His servants and He consented to enlarge the soul and life of the servant.

3. Leave a sin Forgiveness does not conduct with Allah, if you still do sin. Sin not only makes the heart restless and even close the door providers. 

4. Always remember God Many make the heart remember Allah, quiet and airy feel of life. This provision only God gave to the believers. 

5. Worship and pray for the parents In a hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad, the Prophet s.a.w. one wishes to remind that the longevity and enhanced provision, be dutiful to his parents and family ties continue. 

6. Do good and help the weak Doing good to the poor included, and a celebration of the elderly, the sick, orphans and the poor, the wife and children were young. 

7. Fulfill wishes of others Performing for God wishes people to be living in Clear implementation of its own desires. 

8. Many blessings There are traditions that hold blessings if the desire or ambition is the assertion that blessings can relieve suffering, sadness, and difficulty as well as abundantly and lead the implementation of all desires. 

9. For the welfare of the much 

10. Morning According to the Prophet, the morning (start the daily activities done the best congregational prayer) is the practice of blessing. 

11. Forging ties

12. Always performs An Arab country to meet the Prophet s.a.w. and requested guidance on several matters, including provision by God to dimurahkan. He s.a.w. said: 

13. Give alms Invite Allah's mercy and charity for God to open doors to things. 

14. No prayer night (tahajud) There is evidence that the practice tahajjud facilitate obtaining a living, a reason for someone reliable and respectable person and God answered his prayer. 

15. Not do mid-morning prayer Practice made mid-morning prayers when people are busy with the world (daily activities), also has its own secrets. 

16. Thanks be to God Thanksgiving means acknowledge all gifts and favors from God. His opponent was rejected grace.

17. Practice dhikr and reading certain verses of the Quran Remembrance of the verses of the Quran or other Husna asma'ul calm, cleanse and soften the heart, it contains a special prominence to an area of ​​knowledge, opening the door guides, are subjected to understand religion, given the sweetness of faith and cleared things. 

18. Pray Close to make a slave prayed to God, fully dependent on and hope for the blessing and gift from Him. In the Quran, God tells us to seek Him, He will hear. 

19. Who seeks, he will get. This is dealing. In one hadith it is said that God gave the world to those who loved him and loved him not, but religion is only Allah gave to His people loved it. (Narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Abu Hajar and al-Hakim) 

20. Resignation Awarded the provision that is close to God 

In short, for Muslims, for cheap food in real terms, the key is for the practices of piety. These practices were the causes of the collapse of the love of Allah, and Allah blessed His servants with an area rich in food and taste of His grace.

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