Sunday, 3 July 2011

18 Wrongdoing Of Son

Hopefully, Istiqomah. Insha'Allah .. 18 items are as follows;
1. Speak politely
- Speak in a tone that reconcile
2. Not avert
- Look parents face when speaking without making others work
3. Does not make anything more than parents 
- Example: We went to dinner, let them sit down first 
4. Not to be rude
- We need to treat parents well 

5. Not vainglorious
- For example, we recently returned a religious school, where mom and dad did not do, we asked with pride. Hmmm.. we seek knowledge was not for the ripple on the mom and dad or friends.

6. Not to insult  
- It reputedly dissatisfied with the poor housing conditions or not as lovely as others .... My friends, we should feel grateful for what God gave. Only then did God love ..
7. No cursing  
- If we do not agree and want to throw the anger, we call mom and dad were with harsh words. If we fill angry, we can take a 'wuduq' and aware.
8. Pleaded not flesh and blood 
- For example, if you want to get married and your father not give a permission .. and you go find other parent. We can't do that. Go to the parent and slow talk to them why not to. It must have the answers.
9. Not ignore the needs of parents  
- When I enlarge a small them and pay for the expenses of all kinds of schools. When they are at large and at older or not. We are stingy. If possible, try also to meet their needs.
10. Not owe their parents
- "Mom.. Can I borrow your money .. Dad can I borrow your money .. if possible effort, we try find it ourself.. ..
11. Not stealing parents  
- There is the mother who stole lipstick ... Aip! must ask permission.
12. Not to insult the religion of their parents  
- To the converts, if I converted to Islam. Still must treat them well until he was disobedient to Islam.
13. Do not let the parents be slave 
- Please, please at what should be. Little light duties mom and dad. Hmmm .. :)
14. No errant directions  
- Mother or father asked for the job .. Waittttt! (Scream) .. It is sinful friends .. we have to do it ..
15. Do not leave home without permission 
- Ask first. When a dangerous place, parents will say it .. "Can not" ..
16. No grudge with them 
- Redho with anything that we have in our home.. Calm .. Insha'Allah.
17. Not in their rooms three times, without permission  
- At that time; before dawn, noon, and after praying Isha '.. These periods of time for parents. can not be interrupted. There may be things they want to discuss confidential.
18. Manage and their funeral prayer  
- Every man must learn methods to manage the funeral. It is the Prescribing kifayah. At least, we arrange the funeral of our own parents. Spirit will give them a happy and quiet, if it was done by his own children. Insha'Allah .. 

That's all for this time. Turn to God if we make a mistake. It needs to be repaired immediately.  Insha'Allah .. God answered prayer. 

Sorry, if it have
incorrect sentence grammar.

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