Friday, 15 July 2011

Tremors / concussion On Baby Or Child

It is a head trauma involving brain tissue. As a result of trauma, the brain inside the skull was shaking and interfere with brain function. Usually the disorder is temporary and no permanent tissue injury. However, the second impact syndrome can cause serious injury and may be permanent.

Among the signs of concussion, are: -Fainting is short-
-Loss of memory for a while
-Eye-blinking and no response brief kebil
-Loss of coordination
-Changes in attitude

Vibration Syndrome Brain

Infants less than 18 months have umbun-umbun soft. Therefore the risk to the skull injury was higher than children who are larger. In addition, babies also have a physical head is heavier than the body makes them easy to fall head first. Use semamangnya cribs for infants is not recommended. It exposed the baby to fall out of the cradle. Sometimes a brain concussion could occur if the swing or too strong.

In addition the use of walker for children are not encouraged in many cases of head injuries caused by falls from the walker. Use walker never help or speed up the process of the child to learn Take a. Give attention as possible to the children who started running because they are at risk bumped or dropped, causing head injuries.

For the child who fell and suffered fainting, seek medical advice as soon as possible. Meanwhile, any injuries to infants younger than 6 months should consult a doctor.

Concussion, the child
Children are more at risk for head injuries when playing on the playground, riding bikes, playing sports or throw objects affected. Justera compliance with safety measures are actions that should be such as tool use head protection when riding a bicycle.
Based on studies neorologi America, there is some degree of concussion. The first level is a concussion, suffered concussion of the brain that cause confusion in less than 15 minutes. No loss of consciousness or fainting. We encourage the children rested from playing. Perform continuous monitoring until the kenak children fully recovered. However, if the child is still confused after 15 minutes of injury, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Second and third level involves the confusion continued for more than 15 minutes, or fainting. If this happens, the children are not allowed to play. Consult your doctor. This is an important step to prevent second impact syndrome is dangerous. Second impact syndrome occurs when the brain concussion occurs repeatedly and result in cumulative brain injury.

Post concussion syndrome
Post concussion syndrome can occur after a brain concussion. It can last several days, weeks or months after a concussion. Approximately 15 to 50% of victims will get concussion syndrome. Detection of this syndrome among children kank more complicated because they are not good at telling signs of this syndrome.  
In the medical context, after concussion syndrome consists of the following symptoms: headache, dizziness, easy fatigue, irritability, emotional instability, difficulty in sleeping, disorders of concentration, memory or memory disorders, and can not face the pressure or stress . Normally, children who suffer from this syndrome will undergo a brain scan. There is no specific treatment for treating problems of this syndrome. Medications such as analgesics may be given if the child complained of headaches and dizziness. If the syndrome continues, these children may need to seek treatment from a specialist neorologi children or psychological. This syndrome most patients will recover one hundred per cent less than three months after head injury.

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