Saturday, 2 July 2011

Infant Development Tables

Each child development vary. Here are figures on a monthly child development.

First Month: 

Newborns can see shadow. He can recognize and be attracted to the sound. He would sleep all day.

Second month:

 The baby turned towards the sound and crying with a different tone to signal hunger, discomfort or pleasure. Your baby can hold things on their own and the baby can also watch on a much longer period. He can also sleep through the night.

Third Month: 

Babies begin to carve a smile and babbling. He did not cry and sleep more soundly at night. Babies at this stage can usually stand head when lying.

Fourth Month: 

Babies are more active and playful. He chose to play and feeding time to try something. His gaze sharpened and he likes the bright colors.

Fifth Month: 

Weight birth two times and he is more active. With the control bertambah'llya back and leg muscles enable him to balance himself with his own and sat in a long time. He began to achieve something, to coordinate eye and hand movements.

Sixth month: 

Now he can sit with ease. He began to show movement leads to crawling. He also began to mention some of the sounds.

Seventh month: 

Most babies are now actively crawling, they can hold things or change things from one hand into one hand again. Eating alone can be initiated. Pda teeth start to grow this time with the advent of one of the lower jaw front teeth. Baby menye.but words like "mama" or "dada".

The eighth month: 

Baby learns to stand, using a as a help. Now your baby move better, you should not leave things be dangerous if put in his mouth scattered.

The ninth month: 

Now most babies can crawl. They try to stand on its own with the support of one hand. Begin to understand the instructions or simple words.

The tenth month: 

Babies begin to walk, if both hands held. He connects the word with the movements and repeating words or sounds over and over again.

Eleventh Month: 

A baby may be able to stand from a seated position by this time. When standing he may turn to the left or right. He could have squatted to take something and start to control the movement of a spoon from hand to mouth. Now he can speak a few words that can be understood.

Twelfth month: 

Now the baby was ready to do the first step. Sometimes she can walk.

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