Sunday, 10 July 2011

9 People Who Devastated? Let's Read ..

Greetings friends of all, here I told my 9 that God destroyed in the past. Not because they are not strong, nor they are not rich. They are far more rich and powerful than us, but they rejected the messengers, and Allah took for a guide to us today. The communities are as follows;

People of Noah

Noah preaching to his people for over 950 years, but the 80 people believed some time. His people deny and deride him. He brought the great flood submerged their disobedient wives and children, including Noah himself.


Hud Gov Aa'd sent to the House. They deny the prophethood of Hood. He brought terrible typhoon and tempest of terrifying rumbling sound accompanied to the whole nation perish Aa'd.


Prophet Saleh as the prophets and messengers sent to Thamud. He has given signs of a she-camel out of the rocks, for the greatness of Allah menunjiukkan to his people. Unfortunately Thamud were disobedient, they kill the camel. Terrible punishment befell, by a yell from the angel Gabriel that causes their bodies shattered.

Racial Sadum

People Of Sadum amalna famous foul that homosexual acts. Advice and dKWh He sent to them were ignored, but they try to seduce two angels disguised as men to be a guest of Lot. With the start of a vibration, and earthquake and accompanied by strong winds and hail sijjil, instantly destroying the city with all its inhabitants Sadum.
5. The people of Midian
Syuib prophet sent to the people of Midian. They worship the "Thicket", ie a piece of desert covered with some trees and crops. Evil people of Midian and fraudulent acts and behavior of cheating is normal and routine. The traders and farmers often fall victim, so the rich get richer, the poor increasingly impoverished life. He called on people working, but they are disobedient. God revealed to them that air conditioning is very hot to very thirsty and kepanadan caustic. Then came a thick black cloud passed over them accompanied by thunder and terrible explosion of rumbling, while the earth shaking loudly  

6. Pharaoh and the Children of Israel
Children of Israel are often suppressed, then He is assisted by Aaron sent to lead and deliver them from Pharaoh's tyranny. Pharaoh is not only ungrateful and arrogant, but admitted that he was God, Moses, with God directs believers to flee, the split across the Red Sea, Pharaoh and his army pursued them drowned by the  buried sea.

7. Ashabus Saturday
The party of the rebellious Israelites in the City of Eliah. They have violated the prohibition menangakap God not to fish on Saturday, because it specifically for worship. He tested them with a lot of fish brought in that day, thus ignoring the prohibitions of Allah cursed them into apes, despised.
8. Rass
Ashabul Rass is the name of a dry water well, named for a race of people Rass. They are residents of one village which is located in Thamud. Sent a prophet named Hanzalah bin Sofuan but they rejected him, even to kill him and thrown into the well. Allah destroyed the people of this village with a terrible drought, so this race disappear from earth.

9. Tubba race 'Tubba 'were a Himyar. He was one of King Himyar believe, but people are disbelievers until the excess, so Allah destroyed them. After the incident, the pronouncement Tubba 'became the title of the kings of Yemen.

With the story of these guidelines, we have made an important reminder that whatever our actions do not violate Islamic law of the Almighty God to be injurious to us. But thank God He is beyond anger. So, let us appreciate it.


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