Sunday, 17 July 2011

6 Tips Teach Children Sleep Early

Toddlers who are still growing is like to play. Such times is fun but requires a lot of energy. So your toddler needs adequate amount of sleep to ensure their uninterrupted growth. Even so it was hard to teach your child to bed early because at this time, the child was so excited to play, learn and try something. How can parents teach children probably go to bed early? Tips below may help parents to bed early.

1. Comfortable bedrooms
Comfort is one important factor in ensuring sound sleep. Mattresses and pillows are soft, gentle colors ang sheets and the room neat and organized can affect your child's bedroom. In addition, make sure the atmosphere is noisy room when your child's sleep so that sleep does not interfere.

2. Bedtime fun
Establish a bedtime routine that can give peace to the little guys. Try toddler bathed with warm water and soap, such as lavender aromatherapy. In addition, the toddler was fond imagination, why not round off to sleep that night with a beautiful reading of the story. Can also install the eccentric Al-Quran or our own singing. In addition, slow music and exciting berentak can also lull little ones.

3. Avoid eating large quantities of
The weight of food intake in large amounts before bed can disrupt sleep quality, especially for the little guys. So best to give your toddler a cup of hot chocolate (over 3 years) or a glass of milk before bed to line the stomach. Toddlers are too full would have difficulty in sleeping.

4. Do activities
Toddlers are easy to sleep if they are tired. So, apakata fill their daily activities with a fun variety of things. Activities can also prevent your toddler from a long sleep during the day. Just do not overdo it until the little guys have no energy.

5. Television and video games
Toddlers will not be sleepy if bermaian can watch television or video equipment. It does not encourage the little sleep and even make your little mind to work. So, your little sleep will be difficult. So, do not they do more before bedtime.

6. Set a bedtime
Sometimes a little firmness is required in order to teach your toddler to bed early. Set a bedtime every night for children. If possible do not change time. Toddlers will be used and gradually, beginning a routine of sleeping toddler.

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