Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Simple Step To Make Oreo Ice Cream

Now, I show how to make it


     2 1 / 2 cup - full cream milk Dutchlady chocolate flavor
     2 1 / 2 cup - Nestle creamer powder coffemate
     1 small packet - Oreo cookies


1. Put coffeemate to milk chocolate and blend it up to 5 minutes.  

2. Put 2-3 pieces of Oreo cookies (with his cream ) and blend again until smooth. No need to put sugar.

3. Enter in the freezer for 2 hours prior to freezing, take and blend again.  

4. Put fragments an Oreo cookies on the top of ice cream
5. Freezering overnight. Ready to serve any time.  

Don't forget to buy Halal product.. Good luck.

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