Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Conceive the Son of Smart

Sorry, if the proverb was not very good. And for the non-Muslims, practice-related only. And do not forget to smile first. :)
· The most important thing is the mother to practice reading the Surah Yassin (range advantages), Surah Yusuf (Getting Son Cute) Surah Maryam (Easy Natal) and Surah Luqman (Child Wise). If longer able to .. Khatam Quran many times as possible. Insha'Allah the results were very effective.
· Parents have to buy books
mathematics and solve problems with her husband to train the brain baby, so that it becomes genius when the adult child.
· Can also
at the stomach placed sound (positive waves) to stimulate the development of the mind.

· Mother should eat almonds and dates with milk.
· Also bread and fish without the head may also ate various types of beans.
· Fish good for baby brain development.
· Head fish contain bad chemicals can damage child's brain development and growth in content.
· By the method easier to get fish oil pills.
Son to be educated Muslims have cherished hero among the Prophets, Messengers, Anbiya or members of other scholars.
· If you can prevent children from seeing inappropriate television shows, including cartoons, cartoons that are not constructive. (From baby)

· Mother avoid smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke to prevent my baby from birth defects (brain stupid or slow).
· Also avoid the child drink water that has been entered into the ants as it is believed it can make children forget easily.
· If possible, avoid hitting the baby to a child because they are afraid to try something.

· Baby if you can be your baby breast milk until the age of 2 years if possible. It also could be the baby's natural antibiotic that not
exceed other supplements.
· Children need to be instilled with the spirit of interest in reading as early as the baby. If you can read books before bed beside her.
· In conversation avoid using negative words such as 'Do not'. But better if given the 'option' what can be done.

· Teach children have cherished hero of Islam among the Prophets (Rasulullah SAW), Messengers, Anbiya or members of other scholars who is awarded a wise mind.
· Children fed fruits with almonds.
· When learn something, children are taught to recite prayers and study.
· Fish oil pills (code liver oil).
· Also be trained to play the piano.
· Play music and understand his note notes to further enhance the IQ childrenTremors music can stimulate (like exercise for the brain).
Message: That's all that can be shared. You can also add what is lacking.  All anything can be achieved with a prayer. Insha'Allah. is praying to God that we get a smart child. If you are able to follow prayer intention. God is prayer. Amen.

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